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The use of mobile devices to surf the web is growing rapidly, your costumers already searching for your product or service by using different devices. Our responsive techniques will provide outstanding user experience no matter which type of device visitor using.


SEO process has a core part in web design and as such is an integral part of any website. In order for your costumers to find you by searching web using specific keywords your pages must be SEO-friendly and satisfy specification of ever changing search engine algorithms. Our years of experience could help you achieve the highest position in search engine results.


All websites are located on computers connected to the Internet. Nearly all are located on web servers, managed by professional web hosting companies. Web Design Lab offer affordable hosting plans and provide the most secure and reliable high-powered servers store for all your website files. Contact us to find more about available packages, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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  • Looking for a quality website design?

    Quality and professional developing process of creating the web pages oriented to your target marketing audience is our imperative. That’s the crucial moment in executing a business strategy and needs to be considered very careful.

    Our project approach is comprehensive, but jet simplified enough for our clients, with motto " Quality over Quantity " our knowledge and experience stands at your service since the first step.

  • Graphic Design

    Any business require to communicate with their audience trough project ideas, practise planning, and experience process with visual and textual graphic design content. Web Design Lab could help you create custom message according to the nature of your business.

    Additional services we offer: logo type design, graphics design, ad design, multimedia design...

  • Web Application or Web App Development

    Searching for more sophisticated way to communicate with your costumers?

    By definition, Web app is any application ( program ) that uses a web browser as a client, stored on a remote server and like that delivered over the Internet. Mostly people think about web applications as mobile applications for recently extremely popular mobile device operating systems such as iOS ( iPhone ), Android and Windows Phone. Doesn't matter if you need web application for a website or specified mobile device our programmers will create application according to your needs...

About Us

Web Design Lab is professional company based in Dublin, which provides multiple solutions for both small and middle size companies.

Our true passion for web design and media marketing drives us to exceed expectations and provide exceptional products and services. Constant stays in tune with latest trends and technologies as our priority sharpen our skills in order to keep us on track with competition.

Years of experience in Information Technology and numerous accomplished projects in this filed equipped us with professional tools and custom developed practical processes needed to satisfy clients business demands.

Browse through our additional services bellow and if you have any questions please call or email us at any stage for more assistance.

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" Our approach to every project is courteous and professional, whether you already have previous experience in developing a website or not. During every step of the project will guide you, direct you and answer all questions which may arise during the development process. - Alen H.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like,

Design is how it works...

- Steve Jobs
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    Web design?

    Creative process accompanied by appropriate skills and experience. With final goal improving user experience.

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    Media marketing

    Marketing campaign
    Social media strategy
    Brand reputation management...

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    Search engine optimization a tried and true method for increasing rankings, traffic, and sales.

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    Mobile friendly

    The centre of the multi device internet. More than 50% internet connections made through mobile devices.

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    High quality websites for reasonable price suitable for any kind of business solution.

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    Premium hosting packages available, guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Free hosting in a first year for all new clients.

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    Additional services

    Domain names
    Ad advertising

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    Domain name

    We would be happy to advise you on choosing a professional available domain name based on the nature of your business.

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